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Web Design

Below are some of the websites I have designed. Underneath the web snap shots are a brief description of the company and explanation of the pages used.

Michael Craig Partnership

For this web snap layout I chose to use the home page, about us, and the management page. I wanted to show how I incorporated multimedia in the website, along with the basic information on the company.

Michael Fernandez and Craig Priest started MCP to help build up client names and brands putting together all there required information to excel in specific industries. They manage clients in all different fields of entertainment; from acting and modeling, to bands and other musicians. Their marketing department specializes in building marketing plans and executing them for existing companies and/or new and upcoming companies. Their investment department can help choose investments that are right for you and your family, be it short or long term stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and life insurance. 

Alchemy Grow Systems
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For this web snap layout it was a little less interactive because it is a company that provides a product rather than a service. The owner wanted his website to be very simple and self-explanatory that is why I only used the home page and the product category page.

Alchemy Grow Systems was founded in Connecticut in 2008. Since then they have strived to bring the grower quality hydroponics at affordable prices. They provide the grower with a network of valuable information that provides the grower success. 

                                     Evident Marketing & Promotions


The 4 pages I used in this web snap layout were the home page, portfolio, contact page, and about us. I wanted to show some of the different layouts I used when creating the website.

Evident Marketing & Promotions goal is to help provide a sustainable competitive advantage for their customers. They do this with the development and implementations of marketing campaigns and or promotional product use’s and services from their young, creative, innovative, and diverse staff. Their team specializes in fields such as Graphic Design/ Branding, Industry Research, Community outreach, and public relations, which includes the development of media and press kits.   

Candlewood Valley HVAC
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For this web snap layout I only used 2 pages from the website, this website is very basic and was made with a simple template. I used the Home page, and the Service page.

Candlewood Valley Heating & Air-Conditioning has been known for its excellent work since the very beginning. The company was founded in 1989 and started has Candlewood Valley Air Conditioning. Over the years they have worked all over the state, and have done all kinds of systems and installations. In 1999 Candle Valley added heating to the company. They service and install everything in the Heating & Air-Conditioning field, and if needed they can find or recommend companies for other jobs you may need done. 

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