Craig Priest's Portfolio


For the marketing part of my portfolio I have broken it into 2 parts. The first part is school projects, and the second is a collection of material put together from my company Evident Marketing & Promotions.

School Projects:

Leaf & Lawn Landscaping yellow pages advertisement. For this assignment we were given the landscaping company and had to create a creative rational along with and advertisement that went along with it.  

Creative Rationale:

Advertising will persuade homeowners ages 55-64 that leaf & lawn landscape will be a great investment because with over 400 landscaping companies, we’re the only one who understands that value of your home.

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Moet Lansky:

For this album cover the artist wanted us to create the design for the album "For my city". The artist's hometown is Providence, Rhode Island. This is why we chose the Providence downtown skyline as the main focus of the cover.



The stickers we designed have custom QR codes that when scanned with a smart phone take you to a different YouTube music video from the artist.

Montana Millz:
Below are two of Montana's promotional QR code stickers, promotional picture. 


                    Click below to see how well the promotional stickers worked!
                                            Research & Findings

Evident Marketing & Promotions: 
Below is our logo with a QR code embedded in it.

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